How to reach the bonus?

When you register and your account gets approved the moment you’ve made your deposit, you can start earning Reward points by playing real money games.

The player needs to accumulate a certain number of reward points that are being generated just playing on the Chipstars platform. Reward points are determined by calculating points in the function of the rake*(commission which Chipstars takes for all poker games) that is accumulated by a player in cash or tournament game.

Chipstars uses the ratio 5 Reward points=1€ rake

Unless stated otherwise, you will earn 5 reward points for every €1 you pay in rake or tournament fees. Every time you reach 150 Reward points we will credit your Chipstars Account with €10 cash.

You have 90 days after your qualifying deposit to earn all the redemption points needed to release your bonus.

E.g. If player’s first deposit is 50€, he will get his first payment of 10€ when he reaches 150 Reward points, next one when he reaches 300 RP, and so on until he reaches 750RP and the bonus gets closed.

How do we calculate rake?

Cash: Chipstars is following the trend No Flop, No Drop rule, meaning that we do not collect a commission (rake) on the cash game tables before the flop. All cash game tables have a post-flop rake of 4%. However, the total amount of rake collected in a single hand is capped according to the table’s stakes and a number of players at the table.

Tournaments: Rake is always indicated in the buy-in amount of the tournament window or in a tournament name. This type of rake is being calculated at the moment you register for tournament (normal reg or late reg its the same) For example a 20€ + 2€ tournament will have 20€ added to the prize pool and €2 of rake.
Chipstars always charges rake fee 10% from the overall sum of buy-in

For all further questions regarding rake, you can contact our support via email or click on this link.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR “100% First Deposit Bonus”

  1. First registration Refund Bonus
    • To have the right for a refund, the player cannot deposit a sum larger than 1000€.
    • The player must have a fully validated account in order to receive the refund (ID and proof of address validated) and reward points. If the account is not yet validated when the player starts with the game, then the refund will be put on hold until the account is fully validated.
    • For 1€ of bonus, the player needs to generate 15 reward points. After that, every time the player reaches 150 reward points will get topped up with 10€.
    • You have 3 months after making the first deposit to accumulate the required number of Reward Points. After this period, if you have not earned the necessary reward points, the parts of your bonus that have not been reached will no longer be available. Your Reward point balance can be found in the “My Account” section of this website.
  2. This offer is available once per user, device (computer, tablet, or mobile), household, or bank account. It is reserved for players who have never deposited to a ChipChipstars Account (including accounts that have since been closed).
  3. This offer is subject to the Chipstars rules and conditions currently in force*(PROMOTION TOS).
  4. Chipstars reserves the right to cancel, suspend, modify or remove this offer or the rules at any time and for any reason.
  5. These rules are drafted in the English language. If this Agreement is translated into another language, the English language text shall in any event prevail.